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  Milking equipment testing that I've developed, using the Digimet, I refer to as the Digimet Accessories and they include the following tests: Go to Doc's Corner.




Sentinel Products Catalog in a pdf format






The Digimet 3000 Version 4.0 display blinks when pulsation ratio parameter limits are not met or exceeded.




The Digimet 3000 Complete is shown above. Digimet 3000 shown below, by itself.

* The Digimet 3000 Version 4.0 is "System Evaluation in the Palm of your Hand". The basic unit is sold with a cable for computer uploading, computer software for transferring and viewing  data on a computer, a small fabric carrying case, tubing, filters and accessories for connecting to a vacuum system.

* The Digimet 3000 Complete comes with the Digimet Printer and hard carrying case.

* A Spanish language version is available. The Digimet display, the manual and the program for the computer are in Spanish. Vaya a
* Go here for more information

Sentinel Digital Vacuum Gauge

 Size: 4" x 3" x 1 3/4"
 Read to .01" Hg
 Water resistant enclosure
 Accurate ± .25% FS
 Watertight electrical connection
 American made and Mercury free
 Priced at $270 GREAT PRICE!

Sentinel DVG-1



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