www.sentinel-products.com is now L. J. Engineering, Inc. of Huntington Beach, California. L. J. Engineering, Inc. (LJE) has recently assumed operations of Western Dairy Research, Inc. (WDR). LJE has been the manufacturer of the Sentinel line of products since the very beginning going back to 1971 when WDR began on a 2500 herd dairy farm in Tulare, California with the introduction of the Sentinel line of Vacuum Controllers for dairy farms.

WDR's founder, Lionel H. Brazil, DVM was instrumental in the development of the Sentinel Vacuum Controller along with Jerry Jones of L. J. Engineering, Inc.

L. J. Engineering, Inc. sets the standard for precision vacuum regulators, vacuum flow control devices and digital vacuum gauges. Our products are specified and trusted around the world for the most demanding applications. The line of vacuum controllers marketed under the Sentinel Products trademark which were designed for dairy farm operations can also be used in other types of industrial applications.

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