Sentinel Peacekeepers

Three models:

  • Peacekeeper M-350/500 for the Model 350 and Model 500 Vacuum Controllers.

  • Peacekeeper M-100 for the Model 100 Vacuum Controller.

  • Peacekeeper Mark II for the Mark II Vacuum Controller.

The Peacekeeper Noise Suppressor & Air Filter is a retro-fittable product for the Sentinel line of vacuum controllers. 

The Peacekeeper suppresses the noise created by air flow into the controller and provides a larger washable filter. Testing has shown that the Peacekeeper can cut up to 15 decibels off the existing noise level created by controllers. Because of excess noise generated by vacuum controllers, performance is often compromised when units are placed in 'out of the way' locations. The substantially larger size of the filter means a reduction in frequency of filter cleanings, and the filter can be removed for cleaning without disconnecting the Sentinel vacuum controller from the system.

Key Benefits:

  • Reduces noise substantially
  • Fits existing Sentinels
  • Improves filtration
  • Large, washable filter

Sentinel Peacekeepers


Part #

for Model 100 VC462-100
for Models 350/500 VC462-350
for Mark II VC462-200

Parts & Maintenance Manual - Peacekeeper for the Mark II, here.
Parts & Maintenance Manual - Peacekeepers for the Models 100/350/500, here.


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