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Milk Valve Leakage Test

The Milk Valve Leakage Test is used to determine the presence of any vacuum leakage through the milk valve closing off the vacuum to the milking cluster when the milking valve is in a closed position.

Equipment required:

1. One standard Ping-Pong ball. Go here for Ping-Pong balls.

Testing procedure:

1. During the milking process, go to any unused or unattached milking unit and remove milk hose from milk valve.
2. Hold the Ping-Pong ball close to the closed milk valve.
3. The ball will snap to the outlet of the milk valve if any vacuum leak exists.
4. If no leakage the ball will remain in hand or fall to the floor.

This test should be performed on either a monthly or a weekly interval depending on type of valve being used any leakage of this valve during milking can predispose to mastitis conditions very rapidly.

Developed by: Western Dairies, Inc.
Research and Development - Lionel H. Brazil DVM

Doc's Corner is a contribution of Lionel H. Brazil, DVM (1928-2007). Dr. Brazil offered dairy consultation services worldwide for many years. His services covered the following areas: milking management, vacuum system evaluation; and all management procedures relating to mastitis control and SCC reduction.


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